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Victoria is home some of Australia’s best wine regions, from Heathcote to the Yarra Valley, Mornington, and the Bellarine Peninsula you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding world-class wineries! A winery tour is an exciting way to experience everything these regions have to offer without the stress of finding your way around or worrying about drink driving. If you are considering a winery tour, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do to ensure that your experience is both enjoyable and safe. Read on to find out more.

Things You Should Do

Book the Right Chauffeur Cars – Melbourne is the perfect base from which you can explore some of the best vinos in the country. With many wine regions located within an hour or two from the CBD, it’s important to book your tour with a reputable and reliable company who will get you there safely and chauffeur you around comfortably while you sip and savour your favourite sparkling or Sauvignon Blanc. For an unforgettable winery tour, car hire with driver from Aus Premium Go is the best choice! Our drivers know all the best vineyards in each area and will get you there in back in style.

Be on Time – When on a winery tour, there’s typically a set schedule for tastings, so make sure you arrive on time to avoid delaying the group or missing any important information. If schedules and itineraries aren’t your thing, or you would prefer the freedom to stop where you want for as long as you want, skip the large tour buses, and arrange a smaller, private chauffeur winery tour car hire. That way you will have the flexibility to stay a little longer if you have found a hidden gem or add an additional stop to your tour if time allows.

Dress Appropriately – Most wineries are working vineyards, and whilst you may find yourself sampling in the cellar door, one of the best parts about a winery is exploring the lush countryside and surrounding vines. Dress comfortably, but neatly, and wear appropriate footwear – think neat casual dress with sensible shoes. Forget the stilettos!

Listen to the Guide – A winery tour can be highly educational, so pay attention to your tour guide and sommeliers and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any. Learning about how and when particular grape varieties should be grown for the best results will enable you to select the right wine to suit your palate when you next visit your local liquor shop.

Dump Excess Wine – If you are sampling multiple wines, the etiquette is to spit or dump out the excess into the provided buckets. This will allow you to appreciate the full characteristics of each wine and ensure you don’t consume too much (overindulgence can make the drive home very unpleasant!)

Things to Avoid

Overindulging – A wine tasting is all about savouring the flavours and aromas of each varietal, it’s not an occasion to get drunk – save that for the bars and nightclubs! Pace yourself throughout the day, sip water in between tastings and spit any excess wine so you don’t overdo it.

BYO Food or Drinks – Most wineries have their own food and beverage options available for purchase, so don’t bring your own unless it’s explicitly allowed by the winery. Some wineries allow you to pack a picnic but most winery tours involve lunch or canapes along the way.

Wearing Strong Fragrances – About 80% percent of how something tastes comes from its aroma, so smelling a wine, reveals most of its flavours. While many of us like to dab on some perfume or cologne for a nice day out, strong fragrances can interfere with the tasting experience for you, and for others around you.

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