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COVID Safe Transportation


The health and safety of our clients is always at forefront of everything we do. COVID-19 is an ongoing health issue which we take very seriously. Adhering to all government safety regulations, you can be sure we are doing everything possible to limit exposure to the virus and proactively take measures to safeguard our operations and ensure the health and safety of our passengers and drivers. Aus Premium Go has implemented the following risk reduction protocols to ensure a COVID-safe car hire service:

  • Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for our employees, and chauffeur drivers.
  • Chauffeurs are not permitted to work if they are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Drivers must always wear face masks whilst driving.
  • Chauffeurs are equipped with disinfectant spray, hand sanitiser, hand wipes, and additional face masks.
  • Complimentary disposable masks and hand wipes are available for clients if needed.
  • Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using an alcohol-based disinfectant before and after every ride, paying special attention to touch points, seating areas, armrests, and door handles.
  • Vehicles are professionally washed everyday by a professional car wash company.
  • Chauffeur drivers will never initiate any physical contact.
  • All communal reading materials that may contribute to contagion spread have been removed from vehicles.
  • The maximum vehicle seating capacity for passengers may be subject to change and will evolve with the level of distancing requested by government guidelines.


You can be confident that we have taken enhanced health and safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our clients and chauffeurs. We also ask that if you or any person in your travelling party is experiencing any cold or flu symptoms to get in touch with us immediately. Contacts us today for more information or request a quote now.